Theoretical Track

Results 1T

The results of the practical part of the first round:

Rank Participant Points (maximum: 100)
1. Daniel Graf 85.5
2. Timon Gehr 82.5
3. Josef Ziegler 76.5
4. Beat Küng 70
5. Sämi Grütter 63
6. Titus Cieslewski 62.5
7. Yassin Nasir Hassan 48.5
8. Adrian Roos 43.5
9. Paul Frischknecht 41
10. Florian Scheidegger 39.5

You can find the solutions of 1T here:

Solutions - 1T

Theoretical Track

The theoretical round emphasizes the mathematical aspects, where you analyze the properties of a task by means of logic and then explain your solution in words (and maybe some pseudo code).

  1. Exchange Rates
  2. Big Swap
  3. New House
  4. Flea Circus
  5. Modulo Game
  6. Cheese Square
  7. Cheese Exhibition
  8. Hot Chocolate
  9. Cheese Highlights
  10. Storehouse

The exact rules and requirements for your solutions have been compiled into a booklet along with the tasks:

You should submit your solutions by the end of November (No team work allowed).