Swiss Olympiad in Informatics - Finals Closing Ceremony


SOI Finals Contest Arena at Credit Suisse, Zurich (2012).

The final round of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics is coming up. On the weekends of the 16th/17th and 23rd/24th of May a total of 12 young, aspiring computer scientists are battling for one of the four spots in the Swiss Team for the International Olympiad in Informatics.

The closing ceremony will take place on Saturday, 24th of May 2014 at 4pm. After four contests and a total of 20 hours of programming, the winners will be announced.

Results Second Round SOI 2014

The practical contest 2P is over and we finished correcting the submissions for 2T and can therefore now publish the results of the second round of SOI 2014. In the theoretical part the maximum points per task was 10, giving a total of 40 points for the theoretical part. We scaled those 40 points to 400 points (maximum of the practical part) and added them to the scores of the practical part. So the sum is your total out of 800 points.

The best 12 contestants (marked in bold) are invited to the SOI 2014 Finals, which are going to be held in Zurich May 16th/17th and May 23th/24th.

Special congratulations to Timon Stampfpli, Fabian Lyck, Benjamin Schmid and Luca Mondada for scoring full score in 2P and to Hanna Müller and Timon Stampfli for the highest scores in 2T!

Rang Vorname Nachname 2P 2T Total
1 Timon Stampfli 400 265 665
2 Fabian Lyck 400 230 630
3 Benjamin Schmid 400 210 610
4 Luca Mondada 400 160 560
5 Raphael Fischer 270 175 445
6 Hanna Müller 160 265 425
7 Kevin De Keyser 280 140 420
8 Ian Boschung 200 200 400
9 Lorenz Widmer 230 165 395
10 Joël Mathys 220 160 380
11 Kasimir Tanner 220 120 340
12 Mihajlo Djokic 200 130 330
13 Elias Boschung 140 105 245
14 Marcel Würsten 120 115 235
15 Coralie Busse Grawitz 210 0 210
16 Zheng Chen Man 70 110 180
17 Miro Haller 100 60 160
18 Mugeeb Al-Rahman Hassan 0 125 125
19 Michael Moerschell 100 0 100
20 Tim Matter 0 55 55
21 Raphael Husistein 0 20 20

SOI Practical Contest for the Second Round

Over the course of this weekend the practical contest of the second round will take place. All qualified participants got an email with their credentials and can start here: SOI 2P contest site.

We wish everyone good luck and let us know if you have any problems at info[aet]soi[punkt]ch .

Davos Camp 2014 Report We spent the week from February 10 to 15 in our annual training camp in Davos. This year we were pleased to invite the twelve best-performing participants from this year's first round as well as three guest delegations from Slovakia, Russia and Israel. Once assembled in the snowy mountain resort, we started with a few introductory board games and trivia quizzes to get to know each other. Right after dinner some first programming challenges waited to be solved.

First Round 2014 Results The rankings of the first round 2014 are available. Congratulations to all participants who qualified for the second round or even our training camp in Davos.

We had a SOI day full of interesting talks, an intense 'cops and robbers' tournament and some great prizes.

Find out more in our press release and take a look at the picture gallery.

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