Submissiondeadline over (1-P/1-T)

You are no longer allowed to submit your solutions for rounds 1-P and 1-T. Thank you for your participation. We strongly encourage you to use the two remaining weeks for writing a solution for the creativity task. Results will be published on our annual SOI Day which takes place in January.

1T and 1P: Deadline in 7 days/+2 weeks for the creativity task

Just to inform you that you have 7 more days until the deadline for the practical and theoretical track of the first round of SOI 2011.

We prolong the deadline for the creativity task (multisnake) by two weeks in order to give you the chance to participate or enhance your programs further.

Deadline Practical and Theoretical Track : Tuesday, 30th November 2010 at midnight

Deadline Creativity Task : Tuesday, 14th December 2010 at midnight

Note that you can (and should) submit earlier, so if you have problems with the submission, you can contact us. The submission forms will be closed immediately after the deadline.

It is, if unavoidable, possible to submit multiple times in case you find bugs in your submission. We will only look at the last submission for each task though.

Coup d’envoi de la SOI 2011

La SOI 2011 commence maintenant – problèmes en ligne !

soi_maple_small.jpg  Les tâches du premier tour de l’Olympiade Suisse d’Informatique 2011 sont en ligne. Les jeunes intéressés d’informatique peuvent montrer leurs talents de programmation jusqu’au 30 novembre. Si tu fais partie des meilleurs participants, tu peux gagner des prix, une place pour notre camp de Davos ou même un ticket pour l’Olympiade Internationale d’Informatique 2011 en Thaïlande ! Pour participer, crée-toi un compte sur ce site et envoie tes solutions jusqu’à fin novembre. N’oublie pas de lire les règles et informations générales de la SOI. Beaucoup de plaisir pour résoudre les tâches !

Les tâches sont disponibles en français, allemand et anglais.

English Deutsch Français
Practical Track (1P) Praktische Runde (1P) Round Pratique (1P)
Rectangle Game Rechtecks-Spiel Jeu du rectangle
Oil Spill Ölkatastrophe Marée noire
Passports Pässe Passeports
Rain Regen Pluie
Bangkok Police Polizei von Bangkok La Police de Bangkok
Theoretical Track (1T) Theoretische Runde (1T) Round Théorique (1T)
Quilts Quilt Couettes
Source Code Quellcode Code Source
Power Cut Stromausfall Panne de Courant
Lamps Strassenlampen Lampadaires
Greedy Pirate Gierige Piraten Pirates Gourmands
Creativity Task Kreativaufgabe Tâche Créative
Multisnake Multisnake Multisnake

Tous les participants doivent remplir les conditions suivantes :

  • Tu ne peux participer que si tu es né après le 1er juillet 1991 et si tu suis des cours entre septembre et décembre 2010 dans une école suisse (gymnase, école des métiers, école secondaire, etc.).
  • Pour participer, tu dois t’inscrire sur et t’annoncer comme participant.
  • Tu dois participer sous ton vrai nom.
  • Il est interdit de copier des solutions ou du code source directement depuis des livres ou depuis internet. Tu peux bien entendu t’aider de livres ou d’internet, mais tu dois écrire tes solutions toi-même !

SOI 2011: First round starts on October 1 2010

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics 2011 is about to start! The tasks for round one are published on October 1 2010.

Young computer enthusiasts can show their programming skills until November 30th and exchange their ideas with others. If you are amongst the best participants, you can win prizes, a spot in our training camp in Davos or even a ticket to the International Olympiad in Informatics 2011 held in Thailand.

Details regarding the participation and the tasks will be published on October 1.
Further information can be found on this year's flyer.

Swiss Delegation at IOI 2010 in Canada

The Swiss Delegation returned last Saturday from the 22th International Olympiad in Informatics, which took place in the renowned University of Waterloo in Canda.

Between the 14th and the 21st of August, over 300 youngsters from 83 countries came together to compete in the most prestigious programming contest for high-school students in the world. The Swiss Delegation consisted of

  • Samuel Grütter, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, BE,
  • Timon Gehr, Kantonsschule Trogen, AR,
  • Alain Vaucher, Collège Sainte-Croix, FR und
  • Josef Ziegler, Kantonale Mittelschule Uri, UR.

Apart from the contest itself, which took place on two days with four tasks each, the organizers planned a great deal of activities, such as: An excursion to the Niagara Falls, a visit in Canada's Wonderland as well as various lectures on different subjects in computer science.

The Swiss Delegation (f.l.t.r.): Johannes Josi (team leader), Sämi Grütter, Josef Ziegler, Timon Gehr, Alain Vaucher und Richard Kralovic (deputy leader)

The four swiss contestants showed that they can stand the peace of the international competitors, even though we did not score a medal this year. We congratulate all swiss representatives on their performances.

The official ranking of IOI 2010 is available on the official website.. An inofficial –but more informative – ranking is available on SnarkNews.

A couple of images can be found on our Flickr page here.

Moreover we would like to congratulate the German Delegation with their leader Wolfang Pohl on their outstanding performance (2 golds, 1 silver). Please consult their blog for more details.

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