Prof. Donald Knuth - Guest of honor at the SOI-Day: January 14th 2012


Remark: The number of registrations for the talk of Prof. Knuth is approaching the number of seats in the Audimax. Please not that the registration is not a reservation of seats, i.e. the seats will not be reserved. There will be, however, a video broadcast of the talk in another hall.

The doors will open at 13:40.

On January 14, 2012 at ETH Zurich the day of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics will take place. We prepared an exciting programme, filled with talks of computer scientists, explanations and solutions for the tasks of the first round and the live tournament of the ant-programs. And of course the award ceremony takes place there as well.

The highlight of this year‘s programme is the talk of Prof. Dr. Donald E. Knuth, winner of the Turing Award and the so called „father“ of the analysis of algorithms. His talk «All Questions Answered» will be a discussion based on questions from the audience. Please think of interesting questions and send us your questions in advance on this page.

The event is open to the public: You are very welcome to attend even if you did not participate this year or bring along your interested friends - this is a great occasion to get to know the SOI! In order to predict the number of people, we kindly ask you to register on this page until December 22, 2011.

Details can be found in the document below. Feel free to contact us ( if you have any questions.

Invitation to the SOI-Day 2012

Round 1: Deadline in 5 Days

Just to inform you that you have 5 more days to submit your tasks for the first round of SOI 2012.

We would like to stress, once more, that you should also submit if you only solved single tasks. You do not need to solve everything in order to participate in SOI. Moreover if you have any last minute questions, please do not hesitate to post in the forum or send us an email (

Deadline First Round SOI 2012 : Wednesday, 30th November 2011 at 23:59

Also note that you can (and should) submit earlier, so if you have problems with the submission, you can contact us. The submission forms will be closed after the deadline.

It is, if unavoidable, possible to submit multiple times in case you find bugs in your submission. We will only look at the last submission for each task though.

SOI 2012 Kick Off

SOI 2012 starts now - Tasks online!

soi09_logoball.jpg  The tasks of the first round of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics 2012 are online. Young computer enthusiasts can show their programming skills until November 30th and exchange their ideas with others. If you are amongst the best participants, you can win prizes, a spot in our training camp in Davos or even a ticket to the International Olympiad in Informatics 2012 held in Italy. To participate, sign up for an account on this webpage and submit your solutions until the end of November. Make sure to check out the rules and general information about SOI: here. Have fun solving the tasks!

Deutsch Englisch
Praktisch Practical
Posters Posters
Eurokrise Euro Crisis
Zusammengesetzte Wörter Compound
Theoretisch Theoretical
Quellcode-Analyse Code Analysis
Armee Army
Kreativ Creative
Ameisenhügel Ant Hill

All participants have to fulfill the following rules:

  • You can participate if you have been born on 1. July 1992 or later and you are enrolled at a swiss school (high-school, vocational school, etc) located in Switzerland during the period September to December 2011.
  • To participate, you need to register at the web page of SOI and set your status to Participant
  • You must participate under your own name.
  • Solve the tasks on your own. We strongly encourage you to study from books and internet but do not copy any solutions directly from these sources.

Einladung zum SOI Workshop

An alle Teilnehmer der Schweizer Informatik-Olympiade: Wir laden Dich ein zu den Workshops der ersten Runde, die am Samstag 29. Oktober um 9:30-16:00 in Zürich und am Samstag 5. November um 9:30-16:00 in Zürich stattfinden. Weitere Details befinden sich auf der angehängten Datei.

Am Workshop lernst du die Grundlagen, um die Aufgaben der SOI erfolgreich angehen zu können.

SOI 2012 - Compte à rebours...

C'est le début d'une nouvelle année pour les Olympiades d'Informatique. Les tâches du premier tour de la SOI 2012 seront disponibles dès le 1er octobre 2011.

Les jeunes intéressés d’informatique pourront montrer leurs talents de programmation jusqu’au 30 novembre. Si tu fais partie des meilleurs participants, tu peux gagner des prix, une place pour notre camp de Davos ou même un ticket pour les Olympiades Internationale d’Informatique 2012 en Italie !

Toutes les informations concernant la participation seront mises en ligne sur cette page dès le 1er octobre. Prends le temps de jeter un œil au flyer de cette année (ci-dessous).

La première tâche du flyer (« Un grand L ») était l’une des tâches lors du tour final de l’an passé (Finale SOI 2010, tâche biglogo). Si tu penses connaître la solution, tu peux tester ton implémentation directement sur notre Online-Grader ici.

La deuxième tâche du flyer (« Bibliothèque ») est un exemple de la programmation dynamique. Plus d’informations à propos de la programmation dynamique dans le cadre des concours de programmation sont disponibles sur internet, par exemple ici (Algorithmus der Woche, en allemand), ici (topcoder tutorial, en anglais) oder ici (canadian airline problem, en anglais).

Si tu as encore des questions, n’hésite pas à les poser sur notre forum ou écris un mail à

Flyer en grande résolution (~4.5MB)

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