Theoretical Track

Results 1T

The following participants qualified for round 2:

Rank Participant Points (max: 50)
1. Johannes Kapfhammer 46
2. Cyril Frei 41.5
3. Johannes Wüthrich 34.5
4. Andre Ryser 33.5
5. Martin Jehli 20
6. Stefan Lippuner
7. Reto Habluetzel
8. Gallay Charles

In the theoretical track, the focus is on having good ideas about how to solve computer science problems. While (depending on the nature of the task) we appreciate if you provide also a complete implementation, the most important part of your solution are the description of your ideas, arguments about their correctness, and estimation of their efficiency.

There is also a little howto for writing solutions to theoretical tasks:

The 5 tasks are waiting for you here:

You can also download all tasks together as a pdf.

The easiest way to submit is just using the upload pages accessible from the task descriptions. Alternatively, you can hand-in your solutions:

  • By email to (Make sure you send only one mail with your final solutions for the tasks. You can send the solutions as PDF, Postscript, OpenOffice document, Word document or as a (reasonably sized) scanned image.)
  • By fax to +41 44 632 13 90 (Make sure you write «SOI 2011» at the top of the Fax!)
  • By mail: You can send a letter with all your solutions at
              Schweizer Informatikolympiade
              ETH Zurich
              CAB F 14
              Universitätstrasse 6
              8092 Zurich